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DUMI x MWA Collaboration

Don't Underestimate My Intelligence meets Mental Wellness Awareness, a collaboration that promotes mental wellness and empowers individuals to prioritize their mental health.

What is MWA?

Mental Wellness Awareness is an initiative that was created to promote mental wellness awareness and prioritize mental health. We strive create a supportive community where open conversations about mental well-being are encouraged and stigma is shattered.

Through educational resources, impactful campaigns, and compassionate initiatives specifically geared towards urban communities. We aim to foster a world where mental wellness is valued, understood, and accessible to all. Together we can inspire positive change, cultivate resilience, and champion the importance of mental health in every aspect of life.

“When we're not well, we tend to affect those around us. In order to, positively affect our outer extremities, we have to be well within ourselves.” - Jaydee Polo

Be sure to follow MWA on Insta @MWABaltimore and check in for DUMI drip.


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